Cruise Control Buttons: Everything You Need To Know

Cruise Control Buttons

Cruise control is a speed control system found on some highway vehicles. It uses sensors to detect the current speed of the vehicle and its surroundings, then adjusts the throttle to maintain a desired speed set by the driver. The driver can override the system at any time by depressing the accelerator pedal or brake pedal.

Most cars built within the last 20 years come equipped with cruise control, a system that automatically controls the speed of your car. Most systems have buttons on the steering wheel that allow you to activate and deactivate the feature, as well as make adjustments to the set speed. Here is a quick guide to the cruise control buttons and their functions.

If you’re wondering what those extra buttons on your steering wheel are for, wonder no more! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about cruise control buttons and their functions. In this powerful guide, you will learn the cruise control buttons and their functions.

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Cruise Control Buttons

The cruise control system has the following buttons.

1. The ON And OFF Button

Cruise Control
Cruise Control

The ON and OFF buttons engage and disengage the cruise control. Tapping the ON button will not function unless the SET button is pressed.

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Some cruise control system does not have an OFF button, it turns OFF automatically when the driver hits the brake pedal and turns ON when the driver taps on the SET button.

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2. The SET Button

The SET button sets the speed that you are currently driving, for example, if you are moving at 80 km/h by pressing the SET button, the car will maintain 80 km/h.

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3. The “ACCEL” Or “+” Or “Up Arrow” Button

Once you are at SET speed then you can increase the speed by 1 km/h or 1 mph every time you tap the “ACCEL” or “+” or “Up Arrow” button.

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4. The “DECEL” Or “Coast” Or “−“ Or “Down Arrow” Button

The “DECEL”, “Coast”, “−“, or “Down Arrow” buttons slow the car by 1 km/h or 1 mph every time you hit the button without hitting the brake pedal.

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5. The Resume (RES) Button

The RESUME (RES) button sets again the cruise speed you canceled last time by whether pressing the brake pedal or giving an accelerator

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6. The CANCEL Button

The cancel button pusses the cruise control without completely shutting it off. You can resume the last canceled speed by pressing the resume button.

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Sometimes the cruise control two features are integrated into a single button.

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