Where Is The Knock Sensor Located? Read This To Find Out

Where Is The Knock Sensor Located

A knock sensor is a type of sensor that is used to detect knocking in an internal combustion engine. The knock sensor is mounted on the engine block. The knock sensor produces a voltage signal that is proportional to the intensity of the knocking noise. The knock sensor is used to prevent engine damage by allowing the engine to adjust the timing of the ignition so that the air/fuel mixture is burned more slowly and evenly.

In order to fix a knocking engine, one must first locate the knock sensor, because if there’s a problem with it, you’ll need to know where to find it so you can fix it. However, its exact location may vary depending on the make and model of the vehicle. Once the knock sensor is located, it can be replaced or repaired as necessary. In this article, you will learn where the knock sensor is located on your car.

Where Is The Knock Sensor Located

What Does A Knock Sensor Do In A Car
Knock Sensor

Regular maintenance of the vehicle is mandatory. To perform this, a driver must have knowledge about where the crucial components are located, as the uncertainty may happen anywhere and at any time.

Knock Sensor is one of the main components of the vehicle, specifically nowadays, as modern vehicles’ systems are all electrically controlled by the engine control module. If the knock sensor gets defective and stops working correctly, it may cause the engine to reduce its performance and the fuel efficiency will be affected by the improper working of the knock sensor.

The knock sensor is located outside of the engine block. The exact location of the knock sensor may vary with the model of the vehicle. For the exact location of the knock sensor, consult the dealership or read the manual for the details, and do not be confused with the location of the knock sensor and oil pressure sensor. The frequency of vibrations produced by the running engine is sensed by the knock sensor which further sends the data to the engine control module. The ignition timing is then controlled by ECM.

Sometimes, they are difficult to find, and a mistake can be occurred in finding the knock sensor and the temperature sensor. Commonly, knock sensors are large sensors while a temperature sensor is relatively small. The knock sensor is located in the apparent and open area of the engine block. It may be located down under an exhaust or intake manifold. There is a wire leading from the sensor to the engine cable assembly. The voltage signal produced by the sensor is used by the ECM. The sensor is fixed into the block, usually, and there will be a need for an open-end wrench of the correct size to loosen the knock sensor.

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