What Is Cruise Control In A Car and How It Works

What Is Cruise Control

According to the research, cruise control reduces the mental workload of the driver. It reduces fatigue and increases the comfort of driving a long distance. It is also good to avoid speed violations and resists the temptation to speed up the car.

Although cruise control can be a great help on long trips by maintaining a consistent speed and freeing up the driver’s hands, it is important to remember that it is not a replacement for a driver’s attention and care. Drivers must still be vigilant in paying attention to the road and their surroundings, and be prepared to take over control of the vehicle if necessary. Additionally, drivers should periodically check the vehicle’s speed to ensure that it is still within the desired range.

Fortunately, on this page, you can learn everything you need to know about cruise control. In this powerful article, you are going to quickly learn what cruise control is in a car.

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What Is Cruise Control In Vehicle

Cruise Control Icon
Cruise Control Icon

Cruise Control also known as speed control or auto cruise is a system that allows you to keep the car at a constant speed without holding your foot on the accelerator pedal. Technically, it is an electronic feature that reprograms the car’s setting to keep the car at a constant speed regardless of pressing and holding the foot on the accelerator pedal.

This cruise control is a kind of driving on auto-pilot mode. It automatically controls the car’s steady speed by taking the control of the throttle body. It comes in cars having a drive-by-wire system where an electronically controlled throttle body is manipulated by a cruise control computer. The cruise control computer is a small computer that you can fit under the hood or in the cabin behind the dashboard.

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Two Cable Mechanical Throttle
Two Cable Mechanical Throttle

In the early mechanical linkage throttle body, two cables are used for operating the cruise control, one cable goes to the accelerator pedal, and the second cable goes to the vacuum actuator to operate the throttle body for cruise control.

This vacuum actuator also pulls the cable connected to the accelerator pedal and actuates the throttle butterfly valve. Modern cruise control systems have a memory feature which means, it remembers the last time the cruise control system was canceled.

You can resume the previously canceled speed by tapping on the RES button. With the activated cruise control system, you can override the speed of the car by pressing the accelerator pedal. But once, you take the foot off the accelerator pedal, the cruise control reduces the speed until it reaches the last SET speed.

This is an Alert
Some cars do not engage the cruise system below a certain speed, typically less than 40 km/h or 25 mph.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is cruise control good for cars?

The purpose of cruise control is to maintain a constant speed by automatically adjusting the throttle. This can be beneficial for the driver, as it reduces the need to repeatedly adjust the accelerator pedal. Additionally, it may help to improve fuel efficiency and emissions by reducing the amount of time the engine spends idling. However, cruise control is not without its drawbacks – it can lead to overuse of the brakes and increased wear on the tires, and it may not be suitable for all road conditions.

Does cruise control drain your battery?

The cruise control feature on a car does not drain the battery. This is because the cruise control system is not continuously running when engaged, but rather it only activates when the car is traveling at a consistent speed. When activated, the cruise control system will automatically adjust the throttle and brakes to maintain a set speed, which takes very little power from the battery. Therefore, engaging the cruise control feature will not cause your car’s battery to drain any faster than if you were driving without it.

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