How To Clean MAP Sensor: 7 Steps (With Pictures)

How To Clean MAP Sensor

The MAP sensor is a sensor that is used in an internal combustion engine to measure the pressure of the intake manifold. The MAP sensor is connected to the engine management system and provides information about the pressure in the intake manifold, which is used to calculate the air flow rate and fuel injection timing.

The MAP sensor can be used to diagnose problems with the engine, such as a lack of power or poor fuel economy. It performs the fundamental calculations that determine important functions such as the combustion components of the air and fuel in the combustion chamber of the car. It is typically located on the intake manifold.

Sometimes the MAP sensor gets clogged, contaminated, or damaged, and hard to send the correct data to the ECU. That’s it is very important to have a clean MAP sensor. In this powerful article, you are going to learn how to clean the MAP sensor in seven quick steps.

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How To Clean MAP Sensor

How To Clean MAP Sensor
How To Clean MAP Sensor

Over time, the MAP sensor of the car gets dirty and affects the mileage of the car. It also causes jerking and stalling in the car. Cleaning the MAP sensor of the car is very important and here is how you can do it yourself.

1. Try To Park Your Car On A Level Surface:

Parking In Shaded Area
Parking In Shaded Area
  • Before getting on with cleaning your car’s MAP sensor, be sure that your car’s engine has cooled.
  • Firstly, you will have to turn the switch off and disconnect the battery of the car.
  • Then park it in a place that’s properly leveled. After parking your car, let it cool for about five to ten minutes.
  • Try not to park the car on an inclined surface.
  • Check the engine temperature and start working on it only if the engine is cooled.

2. Disconnect The Battery:

Disconnecting The Battery
Disconnecting The Battery
  • When disconnecting the battery give the battery a clear look and locate the negative sign on the terminal of the battery.
  • The negative terminal of the battery is generally covered with a black cap.
  • Use a wrench of a suitable size to disconnect the terminal.
  • Use the same procedure to disconnect the positive terminal of the battery.

3. Locate The MAP Sensor:

MAP Sensor Location
MAP Sensor Location

The MAP sensor of the car is mostly placed on the intake manifold of the car. It is connected to a connector consisting of several wires. If you face any trouble in locating it, you should lift the wires to get a better view.

  • Unplug the harness wiring if they are getting in your way of locating or accessing the MAP sensor.

4. Remove The Vacuum Hose:

MAP Sensor Vacuum Hose Pipe
MAP Sensor Vacuum Hose Pipe
  • In order to remove the vacuum line, the retaining rings must be removed first.
  • You can use straight retaining ring pliers to remove these rings.
  • After all these rings are removed, you can unhook the vacuum line from the sensor.
  • You can get these pliers from any hardware store.

5. Unscrew The Bolts:

Screw Driver
Screw Driver
  • There are usually one or two bolts holding the sensor in place.
  • Use a socket wrench, you can easily unscrew them. Once you have unscrewed them the sensor will come loose.
  • Keep the bolts in a safe place so they do not get lost.
  • Once you unscrew it, the MAP sensor will come out

6. Use The Sensor Cleaner To Clean The Sensor:

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Can
Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Can
  • Hold on to the sensor nicely such that its face is downwards.
  • Spray the sensor with cleaning fluid on the sensor around 2 to 3 times. Continue the process if the sensor is still dirty.
  • You can get the sensor cleaning fluid from automotive stores; you can also use mass air flow sensor cleaner Can, which is specially created to clean the sensors.
  • Use this cloth to clean the outer surface of the sensor and not the sensor itself.
  • You can also spray the cleaner directly on the outer parts but make sure that it does not touch the sensor.

7. Reinstall The Sensor:

Reinstalling The MAP Sensor
Reinstalling The MAP Sensor
  • After cleaning the sensor gently, dry it.
  • Once you have dried the sensor you can undo all the connections and your car will be ready to go.

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