How To Start A Car With A Bad Crankshaft Sensor

How To Start A Car With A Bad Crankshaft Sensor

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The crankshaft position sensor measures the position of the crankshaft and sends the signals to the ECU to calculate the injection timing, ignition timing, and engine RPM.

The function of the crankshaft position sensor is to locate the crankshaft position with the help of the reference point created because of the absence of teeth in the reluctor’s ring to identify the number of rotations of the crankshaft.

Sometimes the crankshaft position sensor goes down causes a no-start condition which arises the need to start the car with a bad crankshaft sensor. In this powerful article, we will discuss how to start a car with a bad crankshaft sensor.

How To Start A Car With A Bad Crankshaft Sensor

Crankshaft Position Sensor Replacement
Crankshaft Position Sensor

I am sad to say that you cannot start a car with a bad crankshaft sensor; the car will crank but will not start. You need to replace the bad crankshaft position sensor with a good one to start the car.

Without the crankshaft position sensor, the ECU won’t see the crankshaft moving. As a result, the ECU will not switch ON coils and will not allow fuel for combustion. Hence, the engine will not start.

The crankshaft position sensor is essential in the car. Its signal is required to the ECU to decide the ignition timing and regulate the fuel injection process.

The ECU needs a crankshaft signal to determine when to inject the fuel into the combustion chamber. If there is no crankshaft signal, there would be no signal sent forward by the crankshaft position sensor to the car Electronic Control Unit (ECU).

The ECU will assume that the engine is not cranking and will not inject fuel into the combustion chamber, and there would be no spark in the engine. As a result, the car will not start.

The crankshaft position sensor also determines the speed of the car. When the Crankshaft Position Sensor of the car is terrible, the readings sent to the car’s electronic control unit (ECU) will not sync in the database of the ECU.

This asynchronous pattern of crankshaft position readings between the sensor and the database can cause damage to the car. Hence, modern vehicles are designed to activate a no-start condition in the car to protect your vehicle from any damage.

Therefore, you should consult a mechanic and get your car repaired, but there could be situations where you must get your car started before getting it fixed.

Such as if you get stuck on your way and could not find a mechanic nearby, here’s a guide to how you can start your car with a bad crankshaft sensor:

  • Locate the crankshaft position sensor in your vehicle.
  • Disconnect the crankshaft position sensor connection, observe it, clean it and reconnect it.
  • Then go back and try to start your vehicle again; you might face a total of three conditions.
  1. Your car will usually start.
  2. Your car will start and turn off after some time. If this happens, it might indicate that your car’s engine is not receiving fuel and that there is some problem with the vehicle’s fuel pump.
  3. If your car does not start at all after following the procedure as mentioned above wholly, it can also indicate that the car’s spark plug is not producing current. At this time, you have no option other than toe the vehicle to another vehicle to get it checked and repaired or even replaced if need be.

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